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Getting BLN to work with CyanogenMod / LineageOS

“Backlight Notification” is a great feature of some Android Linux kernels, that allows to use the backlight of the “Menu” and “Back” buttons to signal pending notifications for phones that don’t have a dedicated notification LED. There is an app … Continue reading

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Groovy: StreamException: Cannot create XmlPullParser

If you get this error message, you might want to remove “xmlpull-” and “xstream-1.4.7.jar” from GROOVY_HOME/lib as a workaround. These libraries provided with Groovy seem to conflict with the ones used by the application. I didn’t notice any side effect … Continue reading

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Perl’s “quote word” in Groovy

When it comes to embedding a long list of simple text strings in the code, Perl’s “quote word” is very handy: This is the closest equivalent I could find in Groovy: You can also use a multiline string : The … Continue reading

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Linux serial TTY hanging

Today, I had the problem that my serial TTY (/dev/ttyACM0, serial over USB) was apparently hanging when receiving data. However, when more data was sent by the other side, the communication would eventually resume. So at first, I though some … Continue reading

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How to identify the end of lines used in a text file

It’s pretty easy to find files that have Windows end of lines (CRLF) with the GNU grep: And if you need to find files with Unix end of lines: But you may need more, for instance to find out if … Continue reading

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How to detect a transparent proxy with nmap

On some networks, the outbound traffic to web servers (ports 80 and 443) might be intercepted on the fly by a transparent proxy. A simple way to try to detect such a proxy with nmap is to run the following … Continue reading

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What you should know before choosing JIRA

At my current work place, 2 years ago, we needed an application to track the bugs, features and other todo items for several of our projects. We chose JIRA for various reasons: Large feature set Pretty good end user interface … Continue reading

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Converting unsigned to signed integers (using Powershell or Excel)

Let’s assume you got unsigned 32 bit integers, that actually represent 32 bit signed integers (using 2’s complement). How to get back the original (negative) values? The formula is pretty easy: signed = (raw+2^31) % 2^32 – 2^31 In Excel: … Continue reading

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MediaWiki: Search for page content directly in the database with SQL

To search text in the last revision of MediaWiki pages directly in the database with (My)SQL, use the following request: This may be useful for instance to find pages which are using a deprecated plugin.

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Zimbra: How to delete read-only events from a calendar

Today I needed to delete all the events from a calendar in Zimbra. It seemed straight-forward: open the calendar switch to the list view set appropriate start date and end dates select all hit “Delete” Unfortunately, Zimbra refused to proceed, … Continue reading

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