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Shell, wc : getting progress in real time

On Unix/Linux, “wc” is a very useful tool to count the number of lines in a file or a stream. However, sometimes, the file or stream is so big that it takes minutes or longer to get the final result. … Continue reading

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Android / CyanogenMod : moving contacts between accounts

Contacts in Android are stored in one or more address books. One of them it the “Local” address book. I needed to move my local contacts to a remote account, using CyanogenMod 12. I found out it’s not obvious, and … Continue reading

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Shell scripting: triming text from start to end markers with sed or awk

Let’s assume you have a huge log file looking like this: Let’s assume you are interested only in the part between 2015-09-07 12:10 and 2015-09-07 12:15. Here is a sed script that will do the job: Here is also an … Continue reading

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