Calling Git from Powershell

Git uses UTF-8 by default in its output, but Powershell uses typically UTF-16 Little Endian. So if you try to get information from the Git command line directly, you will run into encoding issues.

You can however tell Powershell to decode the Git output using [Console]::OutputEncoding. Here is the code I use:

function rungit () {
    $repopath = $args[0]
    $gitargs = $args[1..($args.count-1)]
    cd $repopath
    $enc = [Console]::OutputEncoding
    # Git uses UTF-8 encoding, but Powershell expects UTF-16 by default
    # Let's switch temporarily to UTF-8
    # (against expectation, OutputEncoding defines also the encoding of the stdout we read)
    [Console]::OutputEncoding = [text.encoding]::utf8
    Write-Host "Calling: " $GIT $gitargs
    $output=(&$GIT $gitargs) | Out-String
    [Console]::OutputEncoding = $enc
    if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {
        Write-Host $output
        error "Git command failed: $GIT $gitargs (in path: $repopath)"
    return $output
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