String quoting issues in Jenkins using the Gerrit and Gradle plugins

At $CURRENTJOB, I just faced a problem using the Gerrit and Gradle plugins in Jenkins.

The problem is that the Gerrit plugins defines build parameters which are passed to the Gradle plugin. Some of them contain the full name and email address of uploaders, committers or alike, in the following format:


The Gradle plugin tries to pass this to Gradle on the command line, but because of the complexity (quotes, less and great than signs…), it typically ends up in a mess, at least under Windows.

Here are some other users confronted with the same issue:

“gluck” provides a fix for the Gradle plugin, but it doesn’t seem to have made his way into the mainline:

The solution for me has been the option “Do not pass compound ‘name and email’ parameters” of the Gerrit plugin from macbutch:

Like he says himself, it’s a workaround, but at least it’s working. This option is hidden in the “Advanced” options of the Gerrit settings in the job configuration.

Some other related pointers:

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