Expression Media crashing when opening a catalog

If Expression Media is crashing when you open a specific catalog, you can try the hints described in this thread :

For the record, they are :

  1. Self repair : Hold down the Alt key on the keyboard while clicking Open in the open dialog (didn’t work at all for me)
  2. Create a new catalog and import from the corrupted catalog (didn’t work for me : the progress bar showed the import of my medias, but at the end the new catalog was empty)
  3. Open the catalog on another computer, if possible using a different OS (I could open the catalog using EM2 under Windows vs. MacOS X, unfortunately saving a copy and opening it in MacOS X again still led to a crash)

In my case, I had to combine 3. then 2. to get back to a working catalog under MacOS X. That’s a relief, because this catalog contains a hell lot of data entered manually, probably more than 500 hours of work.


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